Shane Patrick Ford

Shane’s passion for cutting, splicing, and distorting bits of digital information has a modest beginning during his teen years in his parent’s basement. As a pianist, drummer, and quasi-computer geek, his quest for digital manipulation began in Pro-Tools and Ableton while composing, subjectively speaking, great songs. It wasn’t long before, during his exploration of electronic music, sampling, and recording, where he discovered a need/desire to create original visuals for those musical endeavors, which ultimately led to the acquisition of aged digital camcorders and cracked copies of Premiere. His auditory awareness and visual narrative insight, with a crisp-clean reflection of the natural world, harmoniously influence his edit style.

As an original co-founder of The Work, Shane has developed the post-production team into an award winning group of creatives. He’s a perfectionist at heart, yet enjoys the unexpected, beautiful imperfections that arise during the creative process. He loves small towns, cold weather, transparency, 80s horror, and Carl Sagan.

Shane has been working with director Christopher "Zoz" Gruse on a feature-length documentary, "Dare To Struggle, Dare To Win". The film, slated for release in 2018, details the clash of a Detroit Police death unit named STRESS and a radical Marxist attorney in early 70s post-insurrection Detroit during a struggle to restore civil order after 22 African Americans are murdered within a 3-year period.

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